Venue Change for Friday 09/14

Attention badminton enthusiasts,

We apologize for the short notice but Edina Community Education has just informed us of a venue change for this Friday, 09/14.
We will be relocated to Gym 3 in South View Middle School.
Gym 3 only has 4 courts. To ensure members have adequate playing time, we ask those using punch cards and walk-ins to refrain from coming this Friday.
Sorry for the inconvenience, we will resume regular play at our usual venue the following Tuesday.

Fall Season Registration Available Online!

Hello badminton enthusiasts,

Fall season registration is now available online. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Season starts September 4th and continues to December 21st. We will be playing on Tuesday and Friday nights at Edina’s South View Middle School. FOR DIRECTIONS CLICK HERE

See you on the courts!

Summer Schedule 2012

Summer registration is open!  Please click on the link below to register.


Summer 2012 Registration

Summer session runs from June 5th through August 31st.  Tuesdays and Fridays, 6:30 to 9:30 PM.

Same 3 payment options are available for players:

  1. Full membership (Best Value at ~$3/night).  Sign  up via Edina Community Education website.  Follow the link above.
  2. Frequent visitor pass ($4/night).  10-day pass can be purchased on-site.
  3. Walk-In ($5/night)

Note that Full membership also gives additional benefits such as discounted Birdie purchases and prioritized court time on busy evenings.

Spring Schedule 2012

Spring is here! Registration for the entire season (April 10th – June 1st) is available at:

Spring 2012 Registration

Below is a list of playing times and location for the Spring Session:

SV – South View Middle School Gym

Every Tuesday and Friday, 6:30 to 9:30 PM

3 options are available for players:

1) Full membership ($41/season)- Register via Edina Community Education. Have access to every listed play time. Best value, approximately $2.50/night of play.

2) 10-days Pass ($40/card)- Can be purchased on-site. Allows player to play any 10 days of choosing. $4/night of play.

3) Walk-in Rate- Player pays $5/night of play.

See you all soon!

Walk-In Rule

One of Goodfeathers goals is to promote the sport of Badminton.  As a rule, we want to be open and encourage walk-in players.  However, the club has to balance this openness with preserving playing time for our regular members.  To this end, on busy nights, the “Walk-in Court” rule may be enforced.

“Walk-In Court” Rules:
    1. Busy nights are defined as regular players waiting more than one turn to play a game.  
    2. When the “Walk-in Court” rule is enforced, 1/2 of the available courts will be defined as Walk-In courts.  Signs will be posted.  This means that walk-in players can only play in those courts*.  Regular members are allowed to play in all the courts
    3. The number of “Walk-in Courts” may be adjusted by the organizers as needed
*Walk-in players may play on regular courts if they are guests of regular members up to a maximum of 2 walk-in players per game.