Walk-Ins Policy

Hi badminton enthusiasts,

Due to the popularity of badminton in the community and the recent high volume of walk-ins that have been coming to the club, starting tonight and for the rest of the Spring Sessions, we are putting a cap of 28 spots for walk-ins every night. We encourage walk-ins to arrive early to make sure you have a spot and regrettably, if we are at the 28 people limit, we will be turning people away at the door. Thank you all for your understanding. We are also working on other possible solutions so that everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy this exciting sport.

Walk-In Rule

One of Goodfeathers goals is to promote the sport of Badminton.  As a rule, we want to be open and encourage walk-in players.  However, the club has to balance this openness with preserving playing time for our regular members.  To this end, on busy nights, the “Walk-in Court” rule may be enforced.

“Walk-In Court” Rules:
    1. Busy nights are defined as regular players waiting more than one turn to play a game.  
    2. When the “Walk-in Court” rule is enforced, 1/2 of the available courts will be defined as Walk-In courts.  Signs will be posted.  This means that walk-in players can only play in those courts*.  Regular members are allowed to play in all the courts
    3. The number of “Walk-in Courts” may be adjusted by the organizers as needed
*Walk-in players may play on regular courts if they are guests of regular members up to a maximum of 2 walk-in players per game.