June 1st, 2012 Tournament Results

Group A – 1st ( Peter / Manoj ), 2nd ( Kannan, Prem )
Group B – 1st ( Paul / Celeste ), 2nd ( Mike / Kim Ming )
Group C – 1st ( Andrew / Ying Lan ), 2nd ( Kit / Jay )
Group D – 1st ( Roman / Pronter ), 2nd ( Roy / Philip )
Congratulations to all the winners!

Pictures of event here

Walk-In Rule

One of Goodfeathers goals is to promote the sport of Badminton.  As a rule, we want to be open and encourage walk-in players.  However, the club has to balance this openness with preserving playing time for our regular members.  To this end, on busy nights, the “Walk-in Court” rule may be enforced.

“Walk-In Court” Rules:
    1. Busy nights are defined as regular players waiting more than one turn to play a game.  
    2. When the “Walk-in Court” rule is enforced, 1/2 of the available courts will be defined as Walk-In courts.  Signs will be posted.  This means that walk-in players can only play in those courts*.  Regular members are allowed to play in all the courts
    3. The number of “Walk-in Courts” may be adjusted by the organizers as needed
*Walk-in players may play on regular courts if they are guests of regular members up to a maximum of 2 walk-in players per game.